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Introducing PO Matching by RICS Software and Digital DocMan. Find out how your invoices can now be automatically approved so you never have to see them again.

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Discover how PO Matching can help you:

Digital DocMan receives invoices directly from suppliers.


We work with you and your suppliers to convert over 90% of your invoices to electronic format. Those invoices are then emailed to us. The remaining invoices will be mailed right to the DocMan office in Chicago.

The data from each invoice is processed and stored in Digital DocMan.


When your invoices come in, the system examines them to find and record data like the invoice total, due date, and PO number. This information is paired with a PDF of the invoice and stored in your invoice database, so you will always have a copy of every invoice.

Total: $472

Due Date: 10/15

PO#: 091520



Invoices are automatically approved.



Once DocMan has examined an invoice, it works with RICS to find the matching purchase order and receiving log information. If the wholesale amount, freight, and discount info all match, the invoice is automatically approved and ready for payment. If not, an alert is triggered and the invoice is electronically sent to you to be inspected. This allows you to identify the issue and reconcile the differences.









Never enter invoices again.


Every week you receive a file that contains all of your invoice data. This file gets imported into your accounting system so that you can focus on what you need to, rather than wasting time entering invoices.


Save Time


Go from manually managing 100% of your invoices to 5-10%, depending on your business.

Identify Problems


Since most invoices and POs are automatically approved, you can concentrate on potential issues with suppliers or business processes.

Increase Accuracy


Automating most of the reconciliation work reduces the potential for manual errors.

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Digital DocMan has completely revolutionized the way we handle our AP Process. I would highly recommend it to anybody looking to improve efficiency."
-David Staley, Fleet Feet Sports

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