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Document Scanning Services


We'll Digitize Your Documents

With the technology available to us today, why spend the time and resources required to maintain an outdated filing system? Even if you're already scanning current files, it may not be cost effective to burden your team with the responsibility of scanning past documents. Most people don’t realize that their paper documents are costing them 20 to 100 times more than their electronic counterparts.


Take back your floorspace and retrieve your documents from anywhere in seconds. Our team of scanning experts will convert your files quickly and efficiently - so you can focus on your core competencies.

Fast and Free Retrieval
Retrieve Documents Fast and Free with Document Scanning Services | Digital DocMan



Use a simple keyword search, or your digital filing cabinet, to access documents from anywhere. Multiple people in the office can view the same document simultaneously - and you never have to worry about putting the file back when you're done.


Disaster Recovery with Document Scanning Services | Digital DocMan

It's never easy to experience a fire, flood, or other natural disaster. But, you can sleep a little easier knowing that no matter what happens, your data is safe. With the ability to switch offices athe the drop of a hat, people may not believe you when you tell them what you've just been through...


Disaster Recovery

There are certain documents that you need to hold on to for a set number of years. But, that doesn't mean that you have to rent storage space just to be compliant. Keeping your documents in electronic format will give you immediate access to your information - and give you the freedom of mobility. We believe that your information belongs to you. And you shouldn't have to pay to store or view it.

Eliminate Storage Costs with Document Scanning Services | Digital DocMan
Eliminate Storage Costs

Filing cabinets and banker's boxes take up valuable real estate. And when their contents happen to empty across the office, the results are less than ideal. Digital DocMan will ensure your files stay tidy and right where they belong.

Less Clutter with Document Scanning Services | Digital DocMan
Less Clutter
Let us do the scanning for you...
The process is simple:
We pick up your files*
We clean, sort, and scan your files at our facilities


Optional document destruction
Your documents are returned to you

*Customers outside the Chicago area must ship documents

In the Cloud

Storing your documents in the Digital DocMan cloud gives you several key benefits over the alternatives. Like an easy-to-use interface, keyword search capability, and world-wide access to your files. Plus, you can always add additional documents at no cost.

This option will give you a windows-based folder hierarchy that contains all of your documents stored on a thumb-drive. We will not retain any copies of your documents.

We aim to provide you with a scanning service that exceeds your expectations. If you prefer an alternative delivery method, we would be happy to accommodate you.

Thumb Drive


We can return your documents in three different ways:

We rely on Digital DocMan to clear floor space for us a few times a year, without them we'd be drowning in paper."

-Barbara Teschner, LifeStyle Options, Inc.

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